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What are oval diamonds ?

Oval Diamonds Dubai
Oval Diamonds Dubai

Discover the flattering shape of oval diamonds, uncovering why oval diamonds appear larger than other shapes, determining the cost of oval cut diamonds, and selecting the appropriate grades for your oval diamond engagement ring. Oval diamonds stand out for their elongated shape, characterized by gently rounded edges and two symmetrical endpoints. This distinctive silhouette adds a touch of sophistication and modernity to any jewelry piece.

Why choose an oval cut diamond ?

These diamonds attract many people because they are elongated, making them look lovely on hands and making fingers appear longer. Oval diamonds can seem bigger than other shapes of the same weight because they spread out more. Oval diamonds are a classic choice today, second only to round ones. Pick an oval diamond ring for a blend of traditional and modern style.

Oval diamonds are quite appealing to many because of their elongated shape, which adds a graceful touch to hands and creates the illusion of longer fingers. Additionally, due to their elongated structure, oval diamonds tend to appear larger compared to other shapes of similar weight. This makes them an attractive choice for those looking for a diamond that offers great visual impact.

What’s the best cut ratio for oval diamond ?

Oval diamonds don’t have a cut grade like round ones, so there’s no perfect cut grade to aim for when picking an oval diamond. Instead, you can check out qualities like the diamond’s ratio.

Oval diamonds can be cut in different ratios, some better than others. The most popular ratio for oval diamonds is between 1.30 to 1.50. This ratio isn’t too round or too long and has minimal bow tie effect. The ratio you pick depends on what you like – whether you want a slightly elongated shape, a long and slim one, or something in between. However, most gemmologists suggest a ratio between 1.30 and 1.50 for oval diamonds.

How do I choose an oval diamond colour ?

The diamonds that have the least color are usually the ones most people want. Diamonds with more trace elements, like nitrogen, tend to look yellowish, brownish, or even a bit dull and blue-grey. For an oval diamond that’s completely colorless, pick one with a color grade from D to F. If you’re getting a yellow gold or rose gold ring, you can go a bit lower, down to an H grade. But be careful, because diamonds with low color grades might not look good with platinum, which has a bright, icy tone. The contrast can make any hint of color in the diamond stand out more.

How do I choose the clarity of an oval diamond ?

Oval diamonds, just like round ones, sparkle a lot because they have many facets that bounce light inside the diamond. That’s because they’re a type of ‘brilliant cut’. Because of this sparkle, you can consider diamonds with clarity grades between VS2 to SI1. These grades might have tiny flaws, but you won’t see them without a microscope because the diamond shines so brightly. Some people prefer higher clarity grades, but they come with a higher price tag. The closer the diamond is to being flawless inside, the rarer it is, and the more expensive it gets.

How much does an oval cut diamond cost ?

Oval diamonds are a more budget-friendly option compared to round ones because they sparkle a lot and seem larger for their weight. You’ll notice that oval diamonds are priced lower than round ones of the same weight.

For example, an oval diamond starting at 0.30ct, with quality grades of F and SI1, might cost around 2900 AED. However, a round diamond with the same quality grades would start at about £1,380. As the quality improves, the price difference also increases. For instance, a 0.30ct oval diamond with grades of D and VS2 might retail for around 3200 AED, while a round diamond with similar quality would be priced around 2560 AED.

What is an oval diamond’s bow tie ?
oval bow tie
oval bow tie

Most elongated diamond shapes, like oval diamonds, have something called a ‘bow tie’ effect. This happens because of how the diamond is cut, creating a dark bow tie-shaped area in the middle where light doesn’t reflect the same way as it does in the rest of the stone. Oval diamonds that are less elongated and more rounded will have less of this bow tie effect, and sometimes you might not even notice it.

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