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What is an Asscher cut diamonds ?

Asscher cut diamonds Dubai
Asscher cut diamonds Dubai

An Asscher cut diamond is a square, step-cut diamond. Unlike the princess cut, Asscher diamonds have large step-cut facets that create a “hall of mirrors” effect. With its clipped corners, Asscher diamonds are also called octagonal or square emerald cuts. The squared shape of the diamond highlights its four lines of symmetry and diagonal corner facets, drawing attention to the center of the stone and making it a captivating and distinctive choice. If you want to learn more, talk to an expert.

Why choose an Asscher cut diamond ?

If you’re seeking a unique ring with modern flair, consider choosing an Asscher cut diamond. Asscher cut diamonds possess a distinct beauty that sets them apart from brilliant cut diamonds. Their step-cut facet structure reduces sparkle but provides an exquisite optical display reminiscent of a hall of mirrors.

The Asscher diamond shape is geometric, square, and striking, making it a beautiful and sleek option for contemporary tastes and those who prefer something unconventional. Asscher diamonds offer excellent value for money and are among the most economical diamond shapes due to minimal wastage during the cutting process.

What’s the best cut ratio for my Asscher diamond ?

While the ratio of your diamond ultimately depends on your personal preference, you’ll probably prefer an Asscher diamond cut as close to perfectly square as you can find. Ideally, aim for a ratio of 1.00, although ratios up to 1.05 will still look quite square. If the ratio goes higher, the shape starts to appear more rectangular. A perfectly square ratio ensures that the four lines of symmetry highlight the Asscher’s signature optical charm. However, if you find you prefer an elongated, rectangular shape, that’s also an option to consider.

How do I choose an Asscher diamond colour ?

Asscher diamonds feature large facets, allowing you to easily see into them. Unlike brilliant cut shapes with intense sparkle, Asscher diamonds leave little room for flaws to hide, making the choice of color grade crucial. Aim for D to F color grades, especially if you’re selecting a platinum setting.

For yellow or rose gold rings, you can choose a slightly warmer-toned diamond. Consider a color grade as low as H in these cases.

How do I choose the clarity of an Asscher diamond ?

Since Asscher diamonds feature large, open facets that allow viewers to see directly into them, it’s crucial to prioritize a higher clarity grade compared to other shapes. Consider Asscher diamonds with clarity grades ranging from SI1 to VS2, and if your budget permits, even up to VS1. You typically won’t need to go as high as FL (flawless) or VVS1, which come with hefty price tags due to their rarity. However, ensure that any inclusions within the stone are not visible to the naked eye or are positioned in a way that they can be concealed by the ring’s claws.

How many facets does an Asscher cut diamond have ?

The Asscher cut diamond boasts 58 facets, including a cropped corner, square-shaped table facet, and rectangular pavilion facets. Like an emerald cut, an Asscher diamond’s facets are large, open, and composed of geometric, rectangular shapes, creating the signature ‘hall of mirrors’ prismatic effect.

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