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What are cushion cut diamonds ?

Cushion cut diamonds Dubai
Cushion cut diamonds Dubai

Cushion cut diamonds, characterized by their square or rectangular shape with rounded corners, resemble a fusion of round and square diamonds. This distinctive feature contributes to the cushion cut diamond’s plush, pillow-like appearance—whether it’s perfectly squared or elongated into a rectangular shape. Renowned for its sumptuous allure, the cushion diamond held the title of the most beloved diamond shape for engagement rings and jewelry in ancient times. This historical prominence imbues today’s cushion diamond rings with a timeless elegance and antique charm, making them a classic choice for modern jewelry enthusiasts seeking a touch of vintage sophistication.

Why choose a cushion cut diamond ?

Jewelry enthusiasts adore the cushion diamond for its vibrant and brilliant fire, emanating from its intricate facet structure. Sharing similarities with the round diamond, renowned for its unparalleled sparkle, the cushion cut offers a compelling choice for those prioritizing dazzle in their ring selection.

Despite its resemblance to the round brilliant, cushion cut diamonds are priced lower due to the minimal wastage during the cutting process. While cushion diamonds may not be the most economical option, they offer a favorable balance between quality and cost, allowing your budget to accommodate a greater carat weight compared to round diamonds.

What’s the best cut ratio for my cushion diamond ?

Your choice of ratio for your cushion cut ring hinges entirely on your personal taste. Generally, cushion diamonds boast square proportions, ranging from 1.00 (perfect square) to 1.05 (near-perfect square). However, cushion diamonds can also feature elongated rectangular proportions. Gemmologists often suggest that the ideal rectangular cushion diamond falls between 1.10 to 1.30, though ratios can extend to 1.60 and beyond. This diversity allows for a range of options to suit individual preferences, ensuring that each cushion cut ring is uniquely tailored to its wearer’s style.

How do I choose a cushion diamond colour ?

Cushion cut diamonds exhibit a higher level of color saturation compared to round brilliant diamonds and various other diamond shapes. While the brilliant cut of the cushion diamond can somewhat mask a lower color grade due to its dispersion of light (sparkle), it’s advisable to avoid grades lower than H.

For platinum rings, it’s generally recommended to target color grades between D to F, ensuring a pristine appearance. Conversely, for yellow or rose gold rings, consider diamonds graded between D to H to complement the warm tones of the metal. This approach ensures that your diamond’s color enhances the overall aesthetic of your chosen ring setting.

Cushion diamond color
Cushion diamond color

How do I choose the clarity of a cushion diamond ?

As a type of brilliant cut, cushion cut diamonds produce abundant sparkle, which effectively conceals the inherent flaws present in most diamonds. When selecting a cushion diamond, prioritize a high color grade and your preferred ratio over clarity. Cushion diamonds graded between VS2 to SI1 may contain minimal inclusions but remain visually clean to the naked eye, offering the best value for your investment.

How many facets does a cushion cut diamond have ?

Similar to most brilliant cut diamonds, cushion cuts consist of 58 facets. The facet arrangement of a cushion diamond closely resembles that of the round brilliant, contributing to its remarkable sparkle. While slightly less sparkling than the round diamond, cushion cuts exhibit heightened fire, thanks to their larger facets.

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